A special edition of Farming Matters

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3 May 2018

It happened at the 2nd International Symposium on Agroecology, organized by FAO in Rome from 3rd till 5th April 2018. A special edition of Farming Matters and her sister magazines Agridape, Agriculturas and LEISA India was launched.

A lot has happened since the first Agroecology Symposium took place in 2014.  The focus of international and local attention has clearly shifted from providing evidence on the validity of agroecological practices to enabling policies and legal frameworks. Thus, a perfect setting emerged for the launch of some refreshing publications that put policy reform at the heart of the debate.

The AgriCultures Network presented a collection of case “stories” and some pointed opinion pieces, drawing lessons for policy and practice from concrete experience on the ground. This special edition of Farming Matters is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the AgriCultures Network and IFOAM – Organics International. 

In the coming years the AgriCultures Network will continue to document and share groundbreaking experiences in the upscaling of agroecology, together with partners and allies. Having taken over the production of Farming Matters from ILEIA six months ago, the Network is now getting ready to produce it’s magazines in a renewed digital format. This makes it possible to share many more significant experiences, in a more targeted manner and with many more people. Right now we are still learning to use the new system; we are confident that in a few  months the digital platform will be a comfortable space for sharing.

We wish you an enjoyable reading experience!

Agroecology: a path towards the sustainable development goals