About Farming Matters

Farming Matters is a quarterly magazine about sustainable family farming and agroecology. Since 1984, Farming Matters has been providing fresh perspectives on the challenges and successes of amplifying agroecology. Articles from all over the world bring grounded experiences of family farming, agroecology and struggles for food sovereignty to life.

Our authors, who range from social movement leaders and scientists to family farmers, share lessons learnt from their own experiences. For example, an article could highlight what helped and what hindered in a knowledge-building initiative involving family farmers, concerned citizens and researchers.

Connecting practice, science and movement

Through grassroots stories, combined with opinion columns and interviews with knowledgeable individuals, Farming Matters brings together a unique mix of local and international voices.

In each issue of the magazine, the compilation of different perspectives on topics of sustainable farming and food systems is presented in accessible language. In this way, diverse readers from the practice, science and movement of agroecology are able to connect through Farming Matters.

Building a knowledge platform

Over the past 30 years, Farming Matters has become an important global knowledge platform. 14,000 people worldwide read our magazine. It is as a source of inspiration and knowledge, supporting efforts to amplify sustainable farming and agroecology.

“It’s disseminating very important information and ideas that people themselves can work with, link up, organise and push the policy makers in their countries to change.”

Professor Michel Pimbert, Executive Director of the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University

Dig into family farming

Are you searching for something specific? Each issue of Farming Matters deals with a specific topic. Some recent examples are: ‘Rural-urban linkages’,  ‘Co-creation of knowledge’ and ‘Making the case for agroecology’.

Get involved

Do you have a story to tell? Take a look at our latest call for articles and share your experience with agroecology and sustainable family farming to become part of the growing knowledge platform.