About us

At ILEIA, we are committed to strengthening family farming rooted in agroecology. We do this by building bridges between the social movements, the science and the practice of agroecology through documenting and systematising grounded practices. As communication experts, we translate complex ideas into easily understandable language to bring together the insights derived from diverse ‘ways of knowing’, and to catalyse synergies among different actors working to amplify agroecology. We produce a quarterly magazine called Farming Matters, engage in advocacy, training, and facilitation of learning.

We’re proud to be part of the AgriCultures Network, an international network of like-minded organisations documenting and systematising grounded practices. Our network partners, in Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Ethiopia and India, produce Farming Matters’ sister magazines and together we share a mission to mainstream the values, principles and practices that underlie family farming based on agroecology.

Kumaran Mathivanan