Photo: Sara Quinn

As future farmers, leaders and consumers, youth play a unique role in the ever unfolding transformation of food and farming systems. In agroecology youth are seen as stewards of the collective knowledge learnt from their parents, elders and ancestors. Such responsibility brings opportunities and more often than not youth are instigators of social change. Whether joining the growing number of ‘new peasants’ reviving rural communities and farming with ecological integrity or asserting their rights to participate in decision making, the role of youth in shaping the future is gaining strength.




Agroecology ensures our future well-being September 22, 2016 by Eduard Mukiibi - Edward Mukiibi of Slow Food Uganda appeals to young African farmers, agronomist and food activists to embrace agroecology to safeguard our future. As a young African with a farming background, like many out there, I cannot underestimate the contributions of agroecology to the sustainability of our fragile ecosystems. It is… Read more
Youth find hope in crops of their elders June 20, 2016 by Frederik van Oudenhoven - “Local, traditional food, rooted in traditional crops and agricultural practices, is a source of strength, ability and culture [...]” Frederik van Oudenhoven narrates how through connection with the knowledge of their elders, young farmers in Badakhshan, Afghanistan, make sense of the present and imagine a future of their own. I… Read more
Join the European food sovereignty movement! March 23, 2016 by Ludwig Rumetshofer, Sylvia Kay - The food sovereignty movement is, in itself, a process of knowledge co-creation. Ludwig Rumetshofer, a young farmer from Austria, and Sylvia Kay, a Netherlands-based researcher invite us to participate in the second Nyéléni Europe Forum for Food Sovereignty in October 2016, in Romania. Between the 26th and 30th of October… Read more