Climate resilience

Photo: Ubirajara Machado

In the face of threats brought about by climate change, agroecology offers ways to cope with and prepare for these. Contrary to ‘climate smart agriculture’ and other top-down approaches, agroecology provides resilience by virtue of being grounded in local and relevant knowledge, low external inputs and both biological and cultural diversity.


Agroecology ensures our future well-being September 22, 2016 by Eduard Mukiibi - Edward Mukiibi of Slow Food Uganda appeals to young African farmers, agronomist and food activists to embrace agroecology to safeguard our future. As a young African with a farming background, like many out there, I cannot underestimate the contributions of agroecology to the sustainability of our fragile ecosystems. It is… Read more
Making millets matter in Madhya Pradesh June 20, 2016 by Ashis Mondal, Israel Oliver King, Gennifer Meldrum, Somnath Roy, Shambhavi Priyam, Sharad Mishra, Stefano Padulosi - A decline in minor millet cultivation rings true across much of India. Yet a country wide revival of this cereal crop is in motion. Farmers are again recognising and asserting the value of minor millets, a cereal crop that was once central to their culture. A group of farmers in… Read more
Life cycles: Climate change seen through indigenous worldviews March 23, 2016 by Sagari Ramdas - Adivasi communities in India have come together to collectively represent their cultural, agronomic and climatic calendar as they know it. Youth have been using the life cycle to reflect on the effects of climate change and people’s responses to it. This is a case of collective learning that reflects indigenous… Read more