The diversity of knowledge: a new publication on agrobiodiversity

25 January 2016

A new publication offers insights about how to build an international knowledge community on agrobiodiversity, drawing on the experience of the Agricultural Biodiversity Community.

Knowledge about agricultural biodiversity is among the most valuable assets held by family farmers, and moreover it is key for food security and food sovereignty. Recognising the need for greater knowledge building and sharing on agrobiodiversity, Hivos and Oxfam-Novib hosted a three-year program to facilitate agrobiodiversity knowledge sharing between family farmers, civil society organizations, and research organisations. They invited ILEIA to document the lessons learnt in the course of the programme.

The results are now published in The diversity of knowledge. Reflections on the agrobiodiversity@knowledged programme. Told through interviews with key actors in the programme, it offers insights into the lessons learnt when building a global knowledge community, as well as to the rich diversity of knowledge cultures of the diverse participants.

Many agricultural actors share their insights, such as Elizabeth Katushabe from the Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa, Dr Vasimalai from Dhan Foundation, India, and Patrick Mulvany from the UK Food Group. Their reflections provide a clearer picture of the behind-the-scenes communication and action required for the agroecological movement.

“Knowledge sharing is how we add value to joint actions in local, national, regional and global networks. It is the best way to scale-up and achieve major impacts.” – Andrew Mushita, CTDT, Zimbab

With the end of the programme, the Agricultural Biodiversity Community continues to be a space to share knowledge on agrobiodiversity.